How to Make Homemade Crayons

It didn’t feel right to just toss all of the broken crayons in the trash. I felt like we should use them in some way.

I gathered together a few different things around the house:

– silicone molds – baking sheet – Coconut Oil Spray  – crayons

Next, we started peeling…

It took some time, but working as a team seemed to be the best approach.

If you wanted to throw in a teaching lesson for your little ones, you could always use the crayons to learn colors, counting, addition and subtraction!

Next, we sprayed the silicone trays with the coconut oil spray (Is that what you use? Or is there a better idea out there?).

Then, we began breaking the larger pieces of crayon into sizes that would fit into our molds.

…then into the oven they went!