Preschool Television Shows that Teach

Too much screen time for kids is something we need to keep in check, I also think there are some awesome preschool television shows out there that can serve as fantastic teaching tools in our homes.

Why not take advantage of them? Shows our preschoolers can enjoy and actually learn from while watching? Shows our kids can get excited about and we can let it all happen without feeling any guilt? Bring it on!

Super Why (PBS) – Preschoolers as well as more advanced readers will enjoy this show. It is full and overflowing with excellent reading instruction and has been awesome for encouraging a passion for books in my little ones.

Peg Plus Cat (PBS) – This show can feel really loud! I can.not.stand. the way the little girl on this show yells , but with that being said, this show does a great job of introducing new math concepts in a creative way.

Blue’s Clues (Nick Jr.) – They go wild over it, and I like the way it teaches reasoning skills in such a fun way. This show has turned my boys in to inquisitive little detectives.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Disney Jr.) – Speaking of reasoning skills, I think this show does a great job with this, too! The Hot Dog Dance is just an added bonus. lol!

Daniel Tiger – In addition to D.T.’s potty-training powers, I appreciate the way respect, kindness, patience, empathy, self-discipline, and good behavior are all common themes.

Mr. Rogers – Mr. Rogers is such a GOOD teacher and there’s just something about his voice that captivates my kids. This show has been perfect for us to watch after lunch/before rest time.