Salad Spinner Paint Art Activity

Salad Spinner Paint Art: I had seen the idea on Pinterest and had been wanting to give it a try. We finally did, and it was so much fun!

Supply List:

• Paper Plates • Salad Spinner • Paint

To prep this activity, I cut out the centers of a handful of paper plates – but any thick paper or cardstock type material would work well, too!

My kids were so excited when I told them we were going to put paint on the plates, drop them down in the salad spinner, and SPIN, SPIN, SPIN to create fun designs with our paint.

After each kiddo had taken a turn, Daddy showed them how they could use a toothpick to create a bit of a design in the paint BEFORE placing their plate in the salad spinner.

Using the toothpick to thin out blobs of paint seemed to be a great technique to use with this activity.

Then we used some of our extra supplies to paint leaves, acorns, and a few other items we had found on a recent Nature Walk.

We might even toss wooden or clay ornaments down in the salad spinner and “paint” them using this fun idea!