Hands-On Science: Magnet Sensory Bin

A few years ago, a friend of mine mailed us the sweetest care package! She included the most gorgeous little dress for the girls and some fun toys for our boys! As a fellow teacher, she knew the kids of things I would like – books, of course…stickers, most definitely…and check out these fun magnets she sent their way, too!

Hands-on Science: Magnet Sensory Bin


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I decided to use them for a quick little hands-on science activity that was super easy to put together! Magnet exploration, anyone?

Hands-On Science: Magnet Sensory Bin

I gathered our magnets…

Hands-on Science: Magnet Sensory Bin

‚Ķthen I used a shoebox size plastic container from IKEA (I use these for everything!) to gather up a variety of different kitchen items…I made sure to include items made of various types of metals, a few plastic utensils, and a handful of wooden items…

Hands-on Science: Magnet Sensory Bin

The activity? My boys took turns choosing an item out of the bin and guessing whether or not the item they chose was magnetic. I asked questions like “Why?” and “What makes you think that?”. Then, they put their hypothesis to the test! I’m not sure which our kiddos liked more…saying the word “hypothesis” over and over again (The first time we did this, that was a new word for them.) or actually testing out the magnets!

Hands-on Science: Magnet Sensory Bin

This was a fun experiment that could work well at home…in the classroom…as a learning center…any way you want to use it. Just a quick heads up: engineer-minded daddies will love getting involved with this activity, too!

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Interested in free printable pages to use with this activity? Here you go!

My Magnet Experiment

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