Salsa Chicken and Risotto Recipe

This Salsa Chicken and Risotto Recipe begins with skinless, boneless chicken going in your Instant Pot.


– Boneless Chicken – Salsa – Risotto – Shredded Cheese – Simply Ranch Chili Lime Dressing


Step 1

I usually use a bag of frozen chicken tenderloins (3-5 lbs.) and cook them on high pressure for 30–40 minutes.

Step 2

When the Instant Pot is finished doing its thing, the result is always the same: the juiciest, most tender, most perfectly fall-apart chicken ever.

Step 3

I use tongs to toss the tenderloins with a jar of our favorite salsa, and as I do this, the chicken literally falls apart in shreds—yes, every time.

We like to toss this mixture atop rice for our risotto (I usually prep this while my Instant Pot is working on the chicken).

Step 4

Then we usually add toppings: shredded cheese, Hidden Valley's Chili Lime Salad Dressing, green onions, etc. Psst...crushed tortilla chips are yummy on top of this, too!

Step 5

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