The inspiration for this Simple Instant Pot Chicken Chili originally came from Rachel Cruze (Dave Ramsey’s daughter). This Chicken Chili is pretty versatile and can be changed up a bit each time you make it!

Prep Time: 20 MinS

Cook Time: 20 MINS


– Beans – Rotel – Low Sodium Chicken Broth – Salsa – Frozen Diced Onions – Rotisserie Chicken

First things first, start warming up your Instant Pot! Sometimes I forget how long it takes to pre-heat my IP, and if I get it started while I’m adding ingredients to the pot, it saves me lots of time later.

I always start with some variety of white beans. Sometimes I toss in a can of black beans just for fun. You do whatever you’re in the mood to do, but no matter your choice of beans, you need at least two cans. Next up, the Rotel! You can go mild, original, hot – or a mixture! Your decision here depends on how much heat your family enjoys.

Now for the broth! We like these reduced sodium boxed broths, and I usually dump one entire carton into the Instant Pot.

Next up, sometimes I add in a jar of our favorite salsa. You can go mild or spicy here as well. We usually go mild, because we’re wimps.