Star Wars Week - Free Editable and Prinatble Schedule

Our year-round homeschooling lifestyle gifts us with some space to enjoy some out-of-the-ordinary learning fun, and this Star Wars Week was a recent extra that my boys loved!

I gathered a handful of activities that would be a good fit for my boys and then typed up a schedule for the week that gave them an idea of their daily tasks.

Yes, this was a week-long break from our regular curriculum, but the activities I chose were perfect for reinforcing many of the concepts they’re consistently working on in our homeschooling.

I found several of the daily tasks on a site that has so many free Star Wars-themed activities for the lower elementary years.

Star Wars Week Activities

For the drawing activities, we used the Star Wars videos from Art for Kids Hub.

Star Wars Origami - These are tricky and definitely require parental assistance in our house!

Want to put together a Star Wars week for your kids? Swipe up and download a free editable printable for your family!

Change the dates, plug in the activities you want your kids to do—it’s all yours!

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