The Ultimate Freezer Meal Post

Does preparing Freezer Meals interest you, but you’re just not sure how to get started?

I know that family life can be very busy, and this post has been designed with exactly that in mind!

Meal planning can be a little overwhelming, so finding what works for you is key! You may want to start by using free Meal Planning Printable.

Some families do an amazing job prepping monthly menu plans, but I have found that tackling this on a weekly basis seems to work better for our family.

You may want to kick things off by doing a quick inventory: a Pantry Inventory as well as a Freezer Inventory!

Grocery Shopping

I love disposable foil pans with lids, smaller sizes typically purchased from Dollar Tree, Wal-mart, or couponed at Target.

Gathering Supplies

Preparing the Meals

The first thing I do is prep my protein. In one session, I will brown 2-4 lbs. of ground beef.

That morning, I will also have filled my crock pot with chicken tenderloins – allowing them to cook on low throughout the day.


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