Tracing Letters with Water

There are so many fun ways to encourage letter recognition and handwriting skills – without using the traditional paper and pencil method.

I want my kiddos to feel comfortable writing on paper, but I also enjoy providing them with fun out-of-the-box activities, and tracing letters with water has quickly become one of our fav activities!

Step by Step Instructions:

Step #1: Simply write a letter (or letters) using chalk on a chalkboard, and then demonstrate to your child how to “trace” over the letters using a wet paintbrush.

Step #2: Next, let them try!

If your child is ready, encourage them to write the letters with chalk followed by “erasing” using this tracing method. They can even use this strategy to practice learning their name!

As your child grows, they will be ready to do this same activity with sight words, C-V-C- words, spelling words, vocabulary terms, and more!

This idea can be extended to reach learners in all kinds of ways as they grow!


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