Two Reasons NOT to Homeschool

In this season of life, we are homeschooling and maybe you’re in a place where you are considering the same thing.

For us, we love the flexibility that it provides! We love that we are able to tailor teaching and learning to address the specific strengths and weaknesses of our kiddos!

Reason #1 Fear: 

Do you find yourself wanting to isolate your children? Are you fearful of exposing your children to people, places, and things outside the home?

Were you homeschooled as a child…and it wasn’t a positive experience? Are you worried what your family and friends will think?

Reason #2 Finances:

Yes, homeschooling has the potential to be much less expensive than many private, faith-based schools – especially in the area where we live.

Homeschooling requires a calling to educate your children, and following a calling is about heart and passion and commitment… not what’s in the wallet.

Closing Thoughts:

Maybe you’re like us and you find yourself concerned with the driving philosophy behind much of what is being taught in government schools.

But we can not allow fear or our finances to rule our decisions regarding what to do about it.


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