The Ultimate Freezer Meal Post

This Ultimate Freezer Meal Post will provide you with everything you need to plan, shop for, prep, and freeze yummy meals for your family

You may want to start by using this free Meal Planning Printable to help you brainstorm the types of meals your family enjoys!

Does your list of ideas include any meals that could be made-ahead and frozen days or weeks in advance? This kind of planning can be a life-saver – especially on those busy weeknights!

New to giving your freezer a workout? This Freezer Guide includes recommendations for various types of foods and the length of time for which they can be frozen.

Gathering Supplies I love disposable foil pans with lids (smaller sizes typically purchased from Dollar Tree, Wal-mart, or couponed at Target/larger sizes typically bought in bulk at Sam’s Club) for most casseroles, etc.

Gallon-size storage bags/quart-size storage bags (usually couponed at Harris Teeter or bought in bulk at Sam’s Club) for soups, prepared meats, etc.

Preparing the Meals The first thing I do is prep my protein. In one session, I will brown 2-4 lbs. of ground beef.

That morning, I will also have filled my crock pot with chicken tenderloins – allowing them to cook on low throughout the day.