Vertical Writing Ideas for Older Kids

If you’re looking for creative vertical writing ideas for older kids you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve included some inspiration you can use with younger children as well. But my hope is that this will encourage you to carry on that vertical work with your kids as they continue to grow!

There are many ways that young children can play on vertical surfaces, they need vertical work that captures their attention and challenges their hand strength too!

Use dry-erase markers to practice spelling words or vocabulary terms on a window or mirror. They’ll wipe off easily, don’t worry! And, if you use a window, there’s the added benefit of strengthening your child’s eyes.

You can also use them directly on some fridges as well. Your child will think that you’re so cool for letting him write on the fridge, and he won’t even realize that he’s strengthening his writing muscles!

The vertical surface of the chalkboard is the perfect plane for vertical surface activities. Even a small wall chalkboard can be used to solve math problems.

Put a package or two of alphabet magnets on the fridge! Your older child can practice their spelling and vocabulary using these magnets, without needing to bring any sort of writing utensil into the equation.