Color Sorting Activity on Colorful Plates

You may have seen the Lego Color Sorting Activity I shared, and if it was a hit with your kiddos, they are going to love this idea, too!

All you need to get started are some colorful plates. Any kind will do!


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Multi-colored paper plates would work well (THESE could be awesome, too!), but we have loved using our colorful plates by Replay. Have you seen these fantastic little plates? They are perfect for little hands.

We’ve found ours on Amazon and at Walmart

If you’re unable to find colorful plates or just want to use something that you already have at home, I would go ahead and grab a few colorful pieces of construction paper and it will work just as well to help with teaching colors!

Color Sorting on Plates: Here’s How We Do It

Color Sorting on Plates by This Little Home of Mine

Step #1: Set multi-colored plates out on a flat surface, and discuss the different colors with your child. There’s no pressure to use any certain colors – any variety works perfectly!

Step #2: Encourage your little ones to go throughout their learning environment (This could be a play room, a homeschooling space, an art area, wherever!) and gather items of all different color – placing the objects on their corresponding plate.

If it’s a nice day, I recommend going outside! Not only does that help with getting the kiddos outside, but it also allows them to search for objects that aren’t regularly around them and allows for them to explore!

  • BLUE objects on the BLUE plate
  • GREEN objects on the GREEN plate
  • YELLOW objects on the YELLOW plate
  • RED objects on the RED plate
  • ORANGE objects on the ORANGE plate

You get the idea!

Not only is this activity a great way for teaching colors to toddlers, but you could also spin it into teaching them to count as well!

Other Teaching Colors Activities:

Color Sorting on Plates by This Little Home of Mine

Consider your kiddos: Would it be helpful to go ahead and gather the items for them ahead of time?

Want to extend this activity? Maybe you could include them in gathering the items: I spy something green! Can you bring it to me? (How to Play I Spy!)

Want to sort specific types of items? Maybe just colorful blocks? Or just plastic animals? Or just plastic play food? The options are endless.

Check out one of our favorite things to use for color sorting: LEGOS!

Lego Color Sorting

Lego Color Sorting Activity

Wanna try a Color Sort with smaller items? Print, laminate, and use these sorting mats over and over again! 

Color Sorting Mats

Looking for more color fun? Color Baths are a hit around here, too! Visit here to read all about how they work!

Color Baths - How to Teach Colors to a Baby or Toddler

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