Why We Homeschool at Night

Homeschooling gifts families with the ability to create routines that revolve around family life rather than attempting to fit family life in around their routines.

With careful planning and a little creativity, this can result in some amazing learning opportunities for everyone involved!

One of things that has consistently been great for our family is that sometimes we do school in the evenings.

In addition to that, sometimes we even do school on the weekends. Oh, and I might also mention that we even “do school” throughout the summer months!

One of the goals we have for our children is that they will develop a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

And as we foster this in them, we want them to understand how to see learning opportunities any and all situations.

What I’ve liked to do is plan certain experiences/outings for the evenings (or the weekends) when daddy is home to offer an extra set of hands.

In certain seasons, this has been just the ticket! In the morning hours, it’s easy for me to do lots of reading aloud with my littlest ones…we do lots of coloring.