Why We’ve Told Our Kids the Truth About Santa

“Do your kids believe in Santa?” During the holiday season, this is a question we are asked over and over again.

We are parents to little ones and [especially in faith circles] individuals are always curious as to where other parents stand on this particular issue.

From an early age – when our children ask us questions – we want them to know that they are going to get a completely honest answer.

We want them to understand the importance of always telling the truth, and we want to model that for them.

A nauseating sense of entitlement is raging all around us…in children and adults. We want our children to have a clear understanding that they will not always get what they want.

We want to create a family atmosphere that fosters gratitude to the One who gives us all good things and contentment with what God has given us.

We want the holidays to include an incredibly strong focus on others. I realize that the enthusiasm for these things is not out of any intention to harm or be deceitful.