Gift Ideas for Homeschool Moms

Are you searching for Christmas gift ideas for homeschool moms? Or maybe you’re a homeschool parent yourself and you’ve been asked what you want for Christmas!

Either way, my hope is that this post will give you some helpful ideas – maybe a few you haven’t thought of yet!


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Christmas Gift Ideas for Homeschool Moms

If you’re like me, you like to get your Christmas shopping done early and enjoy a more slow Christmas season. But hey, if you prefer to wait ’til the last minute, we can definitely still be friends!

No matter when you’re reading this list, I hope you find a perfect something for that homeschooling mama you know and love.

For homeschooling moms, some of the best gifts are the ones that help encourage her in her homeschool lifestyle.

Are you shopping for your daughter? Sister? Friend? I can tell you already she is going to appreciate your thoughtfulness as you support her in her home education journey.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Homeschooling Mom Organizing Books

Depending on the situation, homeschooling-related gifts can oftentimes help to relieve some of costs associated with teaching your children at home.

What a blessing these ideas might be for a homeschooling family who is struggling with a specific financial burden this season.

Now let’s get rollin’ with some Christmas gift ideas for homeschool moms!

Good Printer

There’s a lot of paper involved with education, and it’s alarming how quickly ink cartridges empty!

A practical gift for the homeschooling mom is a new printer – ideally, one with ink cartridges that last.

This Epson EcoTank printer is the top of the list! Homeschool families can go years – that’s right, years – without having to buy new ink cartridges. And that’s with regular printing!

No more needing to print something, finding out you’re out of ink, then scurrying off to the store to get the ink and print worksheets before the next school day.


Durability is the name of the game. Why make the same flash cards yearly for subsequent children, when you can make them once and them laminate them so that they last for years?

A Scotch thermal laminator and a package of laminating sheets and pouches is one of the more useful gifts you can gift a homeschool family.


Cricuts are cutting tools that can be used to create any number of things. Seriously, the limit is your imagination!

The Cricut Explore Air is a great version for homeschool families. With it, a homeschool mom can make visual cues for the concepts her children are learning, customize their notebooks and folders, and create exactly the type of paper manipulatives she needs.

Amazon Prime Membership

Whether we like it or not, online shopping is here to stay. And between the workbooks, manipulatives, science experiment materials, etc. many homeschool moms order off of Amazon a lot!

If they haven’t purchased an Amazon Prime membership for themselves already, this is a gift that will really help out along the way.

One of the perks of membership is free shipping with two-day delivery. So, not only do you not have to wait for a week or longer for your package to arrive, but you don’t have to pay anything for shipping.

Homeschooling families have also discovered a variety of educational programs to view via Amazon Prime Video.

Clutter-Free Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids by This Little Home of Mine

New Curriculum

Curriculum supplies eat up a large chunk of the homeschool budget. A great way to support the homeschool family in your life is by gifting them curriculum resources as well as an corresponding supplies that might be helpful for teaching and learning.

Curriculums for the earliest years typically have the most “extras” that go with them. For example, the popular “Handwriting Without Tears” program uses a progressive and tactile approach to teaching children how to form their letters. This means that there is some stuff that comes along with using this particular curriculum to its fullest.

However, maybe you want to consider just some fun extras that other homeschooling families have enjoyed in their learning environment.

Household Appliances

The homeschool mom in your life might agree that an appliance that would simplify her life might just make the most wonderful gift of all.

  • A coffee lover might enjoy a new French press paired with a nice coffee mug.
  • An Instant Pot would be perfect for a busy homeschool mom.
  • A nice blender can help speed up the breakfast rush.
  • Would a Ring video doorbell be helpful to them, gifting with with peace of mind throughout their learning days at home?
  • A Roomba takes the nearly daily task of sweeping and vacuuming off of her plate.

Are any other ideas coming to mind as you read this list?

Gift Cards

Gift cards are on every “list of the best gifts”, and for good reason!

Few gifts are quite as useful as a good gift card. Here are some to consider:

  • Amazon – I’d be willing to guess that the special homeschool mom in your life has a wish list on Amazon right now. Give her an Amazon gift card and let her bring one of those items home!
  • Grocery Store – When a family decides to homeschool, they may see a substantial increase in their grocery bill! A gift card to their grocery store of choice can be an incredibly helpful gift. Want $20 OFF Walmart+ which includes grocery delivery? Access this deal here!
  • Office Supply Store – Because every year brings a fresh need for paper, pencils, and folders!
  • Craft Store – A homeschool curriculum is more than just letters and numbers. There are arts and handicrafts to work in as well! This gift card can be used for needlework supplies, paints, clay, and many other types of art supplies.
  • Book Store – A homeschooling mother’s paradise! She can buy a book for herself, or use the gift card to help fund picture books, chapter books, and resource books for her school. Want a FREE BOOK with Thrift Books? Access this deal here.
  • Spa – When there’s been a particularly trying week, Mom can use spa gift certificates to go relax and reset for the task ahead.
  • Curriculum Store – Stores like Learning Resources and Lakeshore Learning are great places to find unique gifts for every age.
  • Coffee Shop – Maybe the homeschooling mama you know prefers to make her coffee at home. But, if you happened to gift her a gift card to her favorite coffee shop? Maybe she’d think about treating herself.

Science Tools

Science is a subject that involves many supplies! Some that make great gifts are a telescope and magnifying glass. The whole family will be able to benefit from these!

Memberships and Passes

A personal favorite of mine is gifting memberships, tickets, and passes. These help facilitate fun and affordable field trips for the homeschool, and can be used at any time of year. The best places to get memberships to are zoos, museums, and art galleries.

Meal Subscription Box

This is one of those great ideas that will save her so much time! She’s spent a whole day caring for house, making sure the littlest children’s cups are filled, facilitating the education of the school-age children, and then likely heading to various homeschool activities in the afternoon and evening.

A meal subscription box means that she doesn’t have to spend mental energy on planning every meal for the week or making sure she has every ingredient on hand.

She has it covered, and sent to her doorstep!

Are you a fellow homeschooling mom? What would you add to this list of Christmas gift ideas for homeschool moms?

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