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When my first child was two-years old, I began weaving learning opportunities into our days together. This was the beginning of our embracing a lifestyle of homeschooling. In the years since, our family has grown, and in many ways, our life has changed; but one constant remains: this very natural dance of teaching and learning that our family has discovered along the way, and I have put together a resource that is going to give you a glimpse into what that looks like in our home.

It has been so special to walk through all the different ways our family experiences learning moments together, and I could not be more excited about being able to share this eBook with you!

Lifestyle Homeschooling eBook - This Little Home of Mine

Lifestyle Homeschooling eBook - This Little Home of Mine

Your see, It is not our goal to simply do school at home but to nurture a life-long love of learning and a natural bent toward serving others. Our days are not dictated by the curriculum we’ve chosen but by a passion to successfully equip our children for life.

I have never regretted introducing our children to learning by making sure that school revolved around home life, not home life around school. – Durenda Wilson

Yes, we use curriculum resources, and yes, we comply with the homeschooling requirements set forth by our state, but instead of adhering to a 180-day school calendar where families may at times feel as if they’re getting behind with their lessons, we have embraced a 365-day learning lifestyle, and we have fallen so in love with this way of living that I simply cannot keep the benefits to myself. I want you to experience what we have discovered.

This approach is rich.

It offers MORE…not less.

How do we create a culture of learning in our home?

By adopting a lifestyle of homeschooling – where learning never stops.

Come along with me on this journey!

Lifestyle Homeschooling eBook - This Little Home of Mine
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