“Look, Mama! God made that!”

I love to take walks with my kids.

As we walk, we chat. I love to hear their questions. I love to try to answer their questions. When we’re in traffic rushing to get somewhere, I’m not always so sweet about the whole question/answer thing (I’m trying to work on that!), but when we’re on a walk or playing together outside, I love to soak in those moments with them…


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…and as we talk about the things we are hearing, and seeing, and smelling, I like to constantly remind them of one thing:

“Who made that, Mama?”, they ask, and I answer, “God did!” 

Sometimes I like to be the one to ask them the questions:

“Who designed that animal to blend in with its surroundings?” God did!

“Who gave that flower its beautiful shape?” God did!

“Who gifted each bird with a different song to sing?” God did!

“Who placed all that slimy stuff inside a pumpkin?” God did!

“Who allowed it to rain tonight?” God did!

“Who hung the sun and moon in the sky?” God did!

“Who created you?” God did!

“Who designed Aubrey?” God did!

One evening, we were outside playing, and my oldest was stopped in his tracks by the most beautiful golden sunset. I love that he noticed it and asked us to look at it, too. “Look, Mama! God made that!”, he said. “Yes, He did, buddy! Didn’t he do a beautiful job?” As my little guy continued to play, he noticed when the golden sky started to turn orange. “Look, Mama! My favorite color! God made that! The orange transitioned into a glowing red, and once again, he noticed and said, “Look, Mama! It’s red now!” 

I love that this has become normal conversation for us.

This is one of the reasons I’m so passionate about faith-based education. Instead of compartmentalizing truth, this approach provides children with the opportunity to consistently be reminded of the qualities of God that are present in math, God’s purposes for written communication, God’s moving and working throughout history, and God’s intentional design in creation. I want my children to not only understand that God is the Creator and the One who sustains all things, but I want them to learn how to recognize this truth in all situations.

You see, as they grow, I want our children to develop a worldview that holds these truths at the very center.It is because of Him that we exist and live and move. It is for Him that we exist and live and love and serve.

When they see others whose skin may look different than theirs, I want them to consider the fact that God doesn’t just love variety, He is the One who created it!

“Look, Mama! God made that!” 

As they live life with their sister who has Down Syndrome – someone who many doctors would have recommended slaughtering…someone who many would have considered a burden – my heart is that they will recognize the beauty of life…all life – understanding that each individual is fearfully and wonderfully made and marvelous is His handiwork…always.

“Look, Mama! God made that!” 

When they encounter someone in need…someone who is hungry for hope…someone who is in desperate need of seeing Jesus through them, I pray that they will step up and be the answer.

“Look, Mama! God made that!” 

When they cross paths with individuals who have made choices that run contrary to the truths of Scripture, I want them to consider the fact that we are all in desperate need of a Savior…and He loves each one of us with a love that never ends.

“Look, Mama! God made that!” 

When they watch the evening news and feel overwhelmed by the evil, and fear, and death, and sadness in this world, I want them to understand that God’s truth…and the love of Jesus…and the kindness of Our Father has the power to outshine all else.

“Look, Mama! God made that!” 

And when they face those moments when they begin to question who they are…why they’re here…what their purpose is…I hope they will remember our walks and all of those times when I pointed out the evidence of God’s intentional design and never-ending love for all that He created.

Set Apart: Our Story by This Little Home of Mine

Set Apart: Our Story by This Little Home of Mine

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