A Real Christmas Tree: Learning Activities for Kids

A real Christmas tree…believe it or not, I’ve actually never had one! That is why when my parents offered to let us tag along to pick out their live Christmas tree, we eagerly agreed!

My mom thought it would be a lot of fun for my kids to see how the whole “real tree thing” works, so off we went to the market.

Before we left their house, they let my little ones help measure the space where the Christmas tree was going to sit in their family room.

On a piece of paper, my oldest made some notes about what size tree he would be shopping for at the market (This was adorable!), and then off we went!

My oldest carried his measurement notes with him and continued to refer to them as he was shopping – “No, that one’s too tall.” “No, that one’s too short".

When we found the perfect size tree, we paid for our tree! Paying with cash gives you the perfect opportunity to teach your kids the value of various bills/coins, and how to add and subtract.

When we arrived back at my parent’s house, we placed the tree in the stand, and my little ones were excited to help with the initial watering of the tree.