Alphabet Games: Swat the Letter & Ring Around the Letter

If you have active kiddos on your hands, they are going to love these two Alphabet Games: Ring Around the Letter and Swat the Letter!

These are alphabet games you can play with your little ones – using things you probably already have on hand, and I can’t wait to tell you how easy the set up is!

For the first game – Ring Around the Letter – simply lay out anything you have that shows the individual letters of the alphabet:

• letter flashcards

• letter magnets

• letter cookie cutters

Next, call out a letter and have your child either toss or lay a ring around that letter!

You can do this game with all 26 letters in play at once – or with just a few letters at a time!

Next up, Swat the Letter! Same idea as the game I just explained!

Alphabet Games: Game #2 – Swat the Letter

Simply lay out anything you have that shows the letters of the alphabet! Once again letter flashcards, letter magnets, letter cookie cutters, letter stickers, anything goes!

As with the first Alphabet Game, call out a letter and your child shows off when they’ve found it! Only this time, they swat the letter with a fly swatter! Yes, you heard me correctly!