Benefits of Cooking with Kids

There are so many benefits to having your children help you in the kitchen, and there’s no better time to start than today.

Pull up the kitchen chairs to the counter—there are plenty of kitchen tasks that they can do!

Mathematics is found all over a recipe card. It’s a great way for small children to work on number recognition and one-to-one counting.

Reinforces Basic Math Skills

Cooking is great for language development. Children of a young age will encounter many new words that they may not have ever heard.

Increases Literacy + Vocabulary

Having many cooks in the same kitchen makes it important that everyone follows instructions. Not just the instructions on the recipe, but your instructions as well!

Following Instructions

Every home cook knows that the best recipes are just suggestions. You’ve made pizza many times, but see if your children can think of their own twist on that classic. A pita bread pizza, perhaps!

Opportunities For Creativity

Working together to create the family meal is a great opportunity for siblings to learn to work together.

Practice Cooperation + Sharing

This is perhaps the most apparent benefit to cooking with kids – teaching them valuable life skills that they will go on to use on a regular basis.

Develops Life Skills