C.S. Lewis Books and Toys for Kids

After watching the Chronicles of Narnia movies, my kids became so interested in all things C.S. Lewis!

Of course I was thrilled, and it has been so fun to come across a variety of different C.S. Lewis books and toys for kids that my own kids continue to enjoy here in our home.

We have found fun Narnia-themed books and toys are available for a variety of different ages, so no matter the age of your little C.S. Lewis fan, I think you’re going to find a new favorite that they’ll love!

This radio theater set has been perfect for bedtime listening but also fantastic for long road trips in the minivan.

The Chronicles of Narnia Radio Theater 

Let’s get started with our C.S. Lewis Favorites for Kids

Picture Books:

- Through the Wardrobe: How C.S. Lewis Created Narnia - Fining Narnia: The Story of C.S. Lewis and His Brother - The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe: Picture Book Edition

Schleich Lion, and this perfect little costume that my boys have loved!

Pre-tend Play:

This sweet gift also makes for a special morning surprise! It’s from Elizabeth Wade Studio in Nashville, TN. Her work is beautiful!

These items have fit perfectly into our homeschooling lifestyle: books to read, a little battery-free animal that’s perfect for make-believe play, a costume for dressing up.

Narnia Homeschooling Resource:

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