Color Sorting Activity on Colorful Plates

All you need to get started are some colorful plates. Any kind will do! Multi-colored paper plates would work well, but we have loved using our colorful plates by Replay.

Color Sorting on Plates: Here’s How We Do It

Step #1:

Set multi-colored plates out on a flat surface, and discuss the different colors with your child. There’s no pressure to use any certain colors – any variety works perfectly!

Encourage your little ones to go throughout their learning environment and gather items of all different color – placing the objects on their corresponding plate.

Step #2:

BLUE objects on the BLUE plate GREEN objects on the GREEN plate YELLOW objects on the YELLOW plate RED objects on the RED plate ORANGE objects on the ORANGE plate

Other Ideas:

Consider your kiddos: Would it be helpful to go ahead and gather the items for them ahead of time?

Want to extend this activity? Maybe you could include them in gathering the items: I spy something green! Can you bring it to me?

Want to sort specific types of items? Maybe just colorful blocks? Or just plastic animals? Or just plastic play food? The options are endless.