Crayon Storage Idea

As I was working hard to find a great system of organization for our art supplies, I wanted a cute way to not only store crayons but also make them accessible to my kids during the day-to-day.

I had tried literally every single one of the crayon storage ideas I could think of – leaving crayons in their original boxes, none of the storage solutions I tried were working.

That’s when I spotted this cute little metal storage tray hanging out in the Target Dollar Spot!

I thought it would be such a cute way to organize our crayons. It wasn’t very expensive, and I was pleasantly surprised by how sturdy it felt initially.

I grabbed it, brought it home, immediately dumped crayons of all different colors into it, and it was the perfect solution.

After a few years, the handles on that tray started getting loose, but I was able to quickly find another tray very similar in style. No handles on this one!

Since making the switch to this type of crayon storage container, coloring time flows much more smoothly during our homeschool days.

I’m not saying that the bickering over crayons has completely stopped, but the situation has certainly improved. Our crayon storage tray stays in a central location – an accessible place for my kids.