Crayon Storage Idea

I was getting frustrated. As I was working hard to find a great system of organization for our art supplies, I was struggling to find the perfect crayon organizer.

I wanted a cute way to not only store crayons but also make them accessible to my kids during the day-to-day.


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I had tried literally every single one of the crayon storage ideas I could think of – leaving crayons in their original boxes, thoughtfully arranging them in adorable little mason jars, situating them in little plastic containers stacked atop our rolling art cart, all the favorite crayon storage hacks featured on Pinterest – and none of the storage solutions I tried were working.

That’s when I spotted this cute little metal storage tray hanging out in the Target Dollar Spot!

Galvanized Storage Container for Crayons by This Little Home of Mine

I thought it would be such a cute way to organize our crayons.

It wasn’t very expensive, and I was pleasantly surprised by how sturdy it felt initially.

I grabbed it, brought it home, immediately dumped crayons of all different colors into it, and it was the perfect solution.

After a few years, the handles on that tray started getting loose, but I was able to quickly find another tray very similar in style. No handles on this one!

This Little Home of Mine Blog

Since making the switch to this type of crayon storage container, coloring time flows much more smoothly during our homeschool days.

I’m not saying that the bickering over crayons has completely stopped (especially with the littlest ones in our house), but the situation has certainly improved.

Our crayon storage tray stays in a central location – an accessible place for my kids.

How We use Reading Eggs in Our Homeschooling - This Little Home of Mine

  • Easy access for everyone!
  • It’s hold lots of crayons!
  • There’s no lid. The lids on the different storage containers I tried were making things too complicated – especially for little hands. 
  • This style of storage container is a perfect size and shape for crayons. It’s wide and shallow instead of narrow and deep. More than one little hand can reach in to the container at one time – without them touching each other. 

Galvanized Storage Container for Crayons

Crayon Storage Problem Solved!

Another perk? Because the tray matches our overall home style and décor, I’m able to leave it out in our kitchen area which allows our kiddos access anytime they get the urge to draw all over our walls…I mean color in their stack of coloring books or complete any other kind of art activity.

Shopping for New Crayons?

Quick Tip: I would suggest including at least 2-3 boxes of crayons, so there is plenty of each color to go around…unless you’ve have found a magic formula for teaching a 2-year old to wait patiently for their sibling to finish with the blue crayon. Then in that case, please pass along your wisdom.

We love that farmhouse style any way we can get it! You, too? I have spotted trays like these at a variety of different craft stores/home décor’ stores! Let me know if you’re able to find one somewhere for a great price!

If you like metal storage containers for your child’s art supplies, we have also liked using these galvanized metal plant pots from IKEA. They have been perfect for colored pencils, chalk, Crayola Twistable Crayons, etc. We’ve even used these small buckets for scissors, glue sticks, and more.

Will I Ever Go Back to Teaching?

You can find them here on Amazon, but if I remember correctly, IKEA carries them in-store at a lower price. 

While you’re at IKEA, you might also want to check out these containers we’ve used in a variety of different ways to organize our art resources and craft supplies. A clear bin for each category of items is a great idea, making it easy to see what you have on hand.

Living and learning in small space? These containers would be perfect for organizing any area – office supplies, school supplies, etc. They have been so helpful to us in our homeschooling environment.

For a closer peek into how we organize our homeschooling supplies, hop over here.

Want to try to make your own crayons? Here’s what we did when we tried it!

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Curious about how to set up a Coloring Table? It only takes a minute to prep a creative space!

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  1. What a functional way to decorate and solve the issues of crayons being misplaced and lost.

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