Declutter Your Digital Life: 6 Hardcore Tips

When it comes to decluttering, it doesn’t just stop at my closet or my kitchen cabinets or our garage (which may actually prove to be the death of me before it’s all said and done).

All areas of our life need a little decluttering from time to time, yes, even our digital life, and this post will give you a glimpse in to my best tips for how to Declutter Your Digital Life!

I would highly recommend streamlining your desktop space. File those pictures in your pictures folder and documents in your documents folder. Eliminate as many unnecessary icons as possible!

Computer Desktop

What are my best methods for keeping an organized inbox? Delete all unnecessary e-mails.


It is important to me that our photos stay organized; it makes it much easier to attack special photo projects, like prints for framing, wall canvases, albums, etc.


When it comes to organizing documents, I like to have main category folders with subfolders within them. For example: Homeschooling > Math > Multiplication > Multiplication Worksheet.


We all have people on our friend list that do social media a little differently than we do. For those situations, the “hide” button and the “block” button are my favorite ways to declutter!

Social Media

Delete all of the apps you don’t use! I like to think of this as freeing up the space for more Instagram pictures!