Clutter-Free Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Man

If you’re like me, you’ve started to think a little bit about the holidays and while you want to share meaningful gifts with those you love, you don’t want to create any clutter in the process! This post includes my favorite Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Man – gifts that won’t create more clutter! My hope is that these ideas will help you as consider Christmas, your guy’s birthday, Father’s Day, and the day-to-day.

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Dry Cleaning

One of our local dry cleaners consistently offers a Groupon deal for their services. I snag these often and use them to have David’s work clothes dry cleaned. The first time I found the deal, I gifted it to David as he absolutely detests getting his clothes ready for work! We have always used a clothing steamer [instead of an iron], and while it makes preparing clothes easy, a chore is a chore. So for Christmas, one of David’s gifts was a box wrapped up with this note tucked inside some tissue paper:

A week’s worth of dress clothes is ready for pick-up at the dry cleaners.
Merry Christmas to my hard-working hubby!
 I love you!
You see, He didn’t need another shirt for Christmas – He needed something done about the ones he already has.

Car Detailing 

(Or any chore for that matter!) – When it was just us…we had a little more time on our hands to do things like wash our cars (and our hair). In fact, I remember when we used to bond by doing this kind of thing together. I was in charge of scraping the bugs off the front end of the vehicles, and David was in charge of making the tires look shiny. That is teamwork at its finest, folks. Uh…these days, we are doing well when we’ve double-checked to make sure there are no dirty diapers rolling around in the floor board of the minivan.

So, needless to say, getting the cars detailed for hubby was a great non-thing gift idea for my man! I did lots of shopping around before committing to this, and I was absolutely appalled at what most places charge for their services! Thanks to a sweet friend sharing with me who she uses, I was able to treat my hubby to this for a small fraction of the amount that others were charging. The company we chose did a great job, and they even came directly to our house to do the work! Now that’s what I call service! When David saw what a fantastic job they did, he said, “These guys are awesome! I will never wash my cars again.” Okay, so now I have to think of a new non-gift idea.

Groupons for Activities & Events

Are you tired of hearing me talking about Groupon? I love when they offer vouchers for fun outings, concerts, upcoming events, etc. Definitely watch them closely for gift ideas! My hubby loves the outdoors, so activities like zip-lining, paddle boarding, white-water rafting, etc. are right up his alley. Me? I prefer rustic outings like pedicures, Swedish massages, and lounging at the beach with a book.

Gift Certificates

What is your man’s favorite restaurant? Does he have a hobby that he loves? Would he enjoy going to get a massage? Gift certificates are a great way to provide an experience without dragging more stuff in to the house!


Wives, I think one of the best things you can do for your husband is give them “permission” to go and do things that they want to do! David works so hard for our family, and as soon as he walks in the door in the evenings, he jumps right in and puts his daddy hat on – happily, I might add! He is a true gift to our family, and I want him to have time to get away and recharge as well. Don’t give your guy a hard time about wanting to play golf with his buddies or go on a weekend camping trip with his inner circle.

I realize that there are some men who very much take advantage of this – that’s a totally different story. I’m talking about allowing these hard-working, 150% involved daddies to have some time to get away and recharge. I’m not sure about your guy, but when my man does this, he returns totally refreshed! I know how I feel when I get an evening out to Hobby Lobby or a few minutes by myself at a coffee shop. Gals, you are completely shooting yourself in the foot when you begrudge your hubby some downtime.

*Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a marriage expert – This is just a little something I’ve learned in my journey.*

Oftentimes in a relationship, the seemingly little things mean the most. Especially in our current season of life, I never feel more loved than when I realize the trash has been taken out…or the dishwasher has been unloaded…or the Crock Pot has been put away (I’m livin’ on the edge, let me tell ya!). So when it comes to blessing my hubby, the small things can really mean a lot – getting his clothes ready for work…packing his lunch…sneaking a little note in his work bag. It doesn’t take a lot of money. It typically doesn’t take a lot of time. It simply takes a little pre-planning and intentionality.

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    1. says:

      I think it’s definitely a gift they won’t want to return! 🙂

  1. Diapers rolling around – hahaha! Yeah…that’s where Taryn is now. (And me, some days – I thought I was beyond all that, but no.)
    I love these ideas and my you are quite the Groupon girl here! Impressive!
    I’ve never thought about the dry cleaning. That is a GOOD idea. Might have to do that one…it’s hard to buy for the guy who has everything…;)
    Sharing this week, girlie!

    1. says:

      I hear ya! These hubbies can be tough to buy for sometimes! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet crew! I hope Christmas is wonderful for all of you! P.S. So excited about that baby girl coming in the new year!

  2. Hello Elizabeth, i like to use Groupons ideas to put smile on special man’s face.
    Thank you for your ideas.

  3. Car detailing gift will surely make your man happy and giddy. I did this once for my husband and he was elated. Great idea, I tell you!

    1. says:

      That’s so great! I may need to do this for Father’s Day coming up soon! 🙂

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