How to Organize and Safely Store Medicine

One of the reader questions I receive from time-to-time is “Have you found a good system for organizing your medicine cabinet?”. Well, we actually don’t have an actual medicine cabinet, but I have come up with a system for organizing and safely storing our medicine, and in this post, I’m going to give you a glimpse in to how I do it! 

How to Organize and Safely Store Medicine

My secret? Baby-proof plastic containers!


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How to Organize and Safely Store Medicine by This Little Home of Mine

One of our containers is specifically for first-aid related items: first-aid ointment, band-aids, gauze, etc.

Another one of our containers is for basic medicine that mommy (that’s me) and daddy might use from time to time: acetaminophen, ibuprofen, eye drops, – that’s pretty much the extent of it.

How to Organize and Safely Store Medicine by This Little Home of Mine

And then the third container is for all of the health-related items we keep on hand for our kiddos: medicine, thermometer/thermometer covers, Vaseline, saline spray, diaper cream, kid-specific first-aid items, etc. This little kit comes in especially handy when it’s time to travel – We just grab throw it in the minivan with our luggage, and we have everything we need if something would come up while we’re out of town!

Need to travel with an epi-pen? Inhalers? This idea might be perfect you, too.

Would you like to put a kit like this together to have on hand for your kiddos?

Tip #1: Watch for specials on the products you use often! For example, when I find the dye-free kid’s medicine on special, I stock up for the coming year. While we don’t usually need a lot, I know there will probably be a few needs around here, and I always want to make sure I have what I need on hand.

Tip #2: Keep your supplies in their designated place! This kit is home to all of the medicine, etc. that we use for our kids, so unless we’re in the throws of sickness and I’ve had to pull something out of the container, you will always find everything in this plastic bin – making it easy to for me to always find what I need when I need it!

Tip #3: Every so often (maybe once or twice a year), glance at the items in your container and safely discard any expired products you might have. This will help you stay organized, and it will also serve as a reminder of what you might need to restock for the coming months.

Bonus Tip: These containers can easily be stored in a bathroom or in the kitchen! My advice? Store them on the top shelf of your bathroom closet or pantry – or if storing in a lower cabinet, be sure to use a secure safety lock on the cabinet. Although the lids of these containers are designed to be baby-proof, some kiddos will be able to remove them!

Thankfully, we typically don’t need a lot of medicine, but these baby proof containers have been perfect for storing the go-to items that we like to keep handy. Who wants to be running to the store to buy medicine every time someone gets sick? Not this mama!

Want to continue chatting about organization? Check out how you can create medical binders for your kiddos – an editable printable for you to use to create name labels is included here for you:

Organized Medical Binders for Your Kids

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  1. i seriously am in love with this system! It’s so much better than everything just shoved on a shelf (which may or may not be my medicine cabinet right now). And it would make it so much easier to find what you need when you need it! -client

    1. says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Charlene! Looking forward to checking out the linkup!

  2. Hi! I LOVE your system! Do you happen to know what size containers these are? Thank you!

  3. Great tips! I really need to organize my medicine cabinet. I love the idea of having a travel case also, that’s ready to go. I love the little remedies brand. I didn’t know about the probiotics. I used probiotics this last winter and swear by them. It kept the stomach bug away! That in my book is priceless!

    1. says:

      Yes, yes, yes! I agree! The stomach bug is the WORST!

  4. My family and I whenever we all have a free time or on a vacation. We usually go out of town. Usually we go on picnics, resorts or to the beach and of course one of important list is bringing a medical kit. Thank you for making a useful tip how to organize and making sure its safe. I’ll be sharing this cool tips with my mom. Great work!

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