DIY Playroom Magnet Board

After seeing multiple pins showcasing this idea, I had to give this DIY Magnet Board a try in our home!

Since our playroom is decorated with an industrial transportation theme, I thought this addition would fit perfectly, and it has been great.

I grabbed a large oil drip pan from the automotive department at Wal-Mart. It was priced right around $10!

Then I went to Lowe’s Hardware and picked out four sturdy screws and four coordinating washers.

While this magnetic board could be oriented any way you prefer, hubby and I attached the galvanized pan horizontally to one of our playroom walls.

Make sure it's at a height that will grow with our children.

Magnetic Letters - Older kids can practice their spelling and vocabulary words!

We have used our magnet board for all kinds of things:

These are the Alex Rub-a-Dub Transportation Bath Stick ‘Ems with magnets attached to the back!


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