Fall Learning Activity Ideas

Fall is a favorite time of year for our family, I’m sharing a list of fall learning activity ideas that have been fun for us over the years.

Not sure what resources to buy? Not sure how to get organized? Not sure how to homeschool multiple kids? This book will answer your questions and more!

My hope is that you will see something that would excite the kids in your life!

Fall Baking with Kids

• Fried Apple and Cinnamon Crescent Rolls

• Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

• Leftover Candy-Topped Brownies

Fall Reading Time

• Apple Books for Kids

• Our Favorite Fall Books for Kids

• Thanksgiving Day Activities for Kids

Field Field Trips

• Apple Orchard

• Pumpkin Patch

Use Fall Candy/Treats to Create:

Fall Sweets and Treats

• patterns

• arrays

• greater than/less than symbols

More Fall Activity Ideas

• Popsicle Scarecrow

• Fall Magnets

• Sink or Float with Leaves and Rocks

• Leaf Rubbings

• Make trail mix

Fall Fine Motor for Little Hands

Hide flashcards, game pieces, etc. in sensory bins or trays – faux leaves work great for this.