Five Things to Take Home from the Delivery Room

After having a baby, many hospitals do a great job providing new parents with lots of things to help them get off to a great start once they are home with their new little ones.

When it’s time to be discharged, there are five things I recommend every mom take home with her from the delivery room.

1: If a newspaper is delivered to your room, grab it – the one from the day your child was born!

It will be fun for them to look back and see what major events were going on in your area (and around the world) on the day they were born.

2: In your hospital room, you will probably notice informational packets intended to educate parents about what to expect with their new baby.

Not only do these packets include helpful information regarding feeding a baby or bathing a baby, but you will find great product samples, discount coupons, and more inside of them!

3: Unless you are super woman, you are going to need some support when you get home. And I’m not just talking someone to cook your meals and clean your house.

You are going to need gigantic pads, disposable undies, Lanolin cream, Tucks, and possibly some hemorrhoid cream.