Five Things to Take Home from the Delivery Room

After having a baby, many hospitals do a great job providing new parents with lots of things to help them get off to a great start once they are home with their new little one. When it’s time to be discharged, there are five things I recommend every mom take home with her from the delivery room.

Five Things to Take Home from the Delivery Room


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[One] – If a newspaper is delivered to your room, grab it – the one from the day your child was born! It will be fun for them to look back and see what major events were going on in your area (and around the world) on the day they were born. I usually store this with the little info card they stick in the bassinet with the baby and the Congratulations sign they hang on the room door when the baby is born. Our hospital includes the baby’s footprints on those signs, and I can not resist little baby footprints…not ever.

[Two] – In your hospital room, you will probably notice informational packets intended to educate parents about what to expect with their new baby. Not only do these packets oftentimes include helpful information regarding feeding a baby, bathing a baby, etc. but you will oftentimes find great product samples, discount coupons, and more inside of them! These little gems have come in super handy after getting home with a new little one! Like the time I needed just a little bit of Aquaphor…and realized we were out…but there was a small tube of it in my little packet from the hospital. Psst…if you’re expecting a baby, make sure you have some Aquaphor on hand. It’s like duct tape…it can literally solve every problem you have.

[Three] – Unless you are super woman, you are going to need some support when you get home…and I’m not just talking someone to cook your meals and clean your house (though you’re probably going to need that, too!). You are going to need gigantic pads, disposable undies, Lanolin cream, Tucks, and possibly some hemorrhoid cream. Yes, you heard me clearly. If you’re unsure about how much you will need, ask a friendly nurse to bring you extras of these items to take home with you. Most of them will oblige! P.S. You will never feel more beautiful than when you are wearing those netted undies, but let me tell you, you will be glad you have those wear & toss sexies…and just think of it as being that much less laundry you have to do.

[Four] – Don’t you dare leave that room without grabbing every single diaper and wipe you can find! Search your entire room. If there’s a cabinet, open it. If there’s a drawer, open it. If there’s a locked safe, break in to it. (Just kidding on that last one.) Seriously, though – Those supplies are there for you and your baby. Take them. You have earned them, and if you’re like us, you have more than paid for them!

P.S. If your hospital will give you formula, take it, too – even if you’re a breastfeeding mom! I bet I receive a couple of nasty e-mails about this one, but listen…I have always taken the formula home and kept it in the cabinet in case of an emergency. I let my hubby and my mom know where it is, so if I’m in a car wreck and can’t nurse my baby, they know where to find the backup. You may think this is crazy, but hey, I’ve warned you of this plenty of times.

Note: Thankfully, I have never had to use the car wreck stash so once I get a little milk pumped and stored…and once my babies start eating a little cereal and applesauce, I send the formula on to our local pregnancy center.

[Five] – Snacks – I decided to add this one to the list, because the last time I delivered I grabbed a leftover mound of peanut butter and graham crackers that was hanging out in my delivery room when I was ready to be discharged. Those little snack ’ems carried me through several nights of late-night nursing sessions.

Moral of the Story: When it’s time to head home from the hospital with your local one, grab everything in sight! If it’s not nailed down, consider it yours. In fact, maybe you should pack an extra [empty] suitcase to take to the hospital with you. Just kidding. I promise I’m kidding about that.

Disclaimer: Do not steal. Only take items that are intended for you and your baby. Please do not be like the people who go in to hotels and leave with the towels…and the robes…and the remote control…and the Gideon Bible. Who in their right mind would steal a Bible?

I digress.

What would you add to this list of Five Things Every Mom Should Take Home from the Delivery Room? Did your hospital offer anything unique that was especially helpful to you as a mom?

Want a glimpse in to all the things I was thinking and feeling right before I delivered our second little one? Check out The Second Time Around and for tips on what you can take to a new mom, check out these ideas.

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  1. When I had my kids ,23 and 26 years ago I didn’t get the goodies that ya’ll do now but if they give you a sitz bath (greatest thing ever after an episiotomy ) TAKE IT HOME. When stitches heal they pull, burn and itch and the sitz bath alleviates it all.

    1. says:

      You are so right, Krista! I need to add that to the list for sure!! So glad you stopped my space! Come back soon!

  2. Christina says:

    I would add the bulb suction they use to suction the baby after birth they are so much better than the ones you buy in stores and you can ask for another one as well. I also take the basin and the rectangular tub they always seem to bring they are handy. I use the bin for sponge bathing baby for the first few weeks.

    1. says:

      Yes, yes, yes! I need to add those to the list! Smart thinking!

  3. Along with the bulb, I would add the surgery sponge! The yellow one with the soft scrubbers on the back, I think probably for fingernails.
    I washed my boys’ hair with these for the first several months and never had to deal with cradle cap!

    1. says:

      Yes, yes, yes! Good thinking! My kiddos have had cradle cap as well, so that is a great idea to add to the list!

  4. We had a thermometer in our baby’s stash along with the bulb, formula, diapers, and her little hats a local church donated.

    1. says:

      Love the thermometer idea! Definitely a much-needed item!

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