The Second Time Around

“The Second Time Around” was written when I was pregnant with our second kiddo. We now have four, so I’ve made a few updates to this post. 

As I thought ahead to Baby #2, there were some things I did the same, but there were also some things I did differently. 


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The second time around…

(while pregnant)

I will NOT read any books to help me prepare. Last time, doing so only resulted in worry and stress. I hereby send out a decree that all copies of “Baby Wise” shall be burned – wait….I mean ripped to shreds and then burned. Following my gut has proven to be the best approach.

I WILL submit the same birth plan – so thankful for a hospital that attempts to honor our wishes as much as possible – even when things go craaazzzy in the delivery room… and the birth plan you had in mind goes totally out the window.

I will NOT let it bother me when the prenatal doctors smile sweetly and say, “You are measuring a little bit ahead of schedule. Let’s not forget to eat plenty of whole grains.” Ugh! By the way, it never seemed to be the male doctors who talked to me like that – Only the female doctors who supposedly only gained 3.8 lbs. with each of their pregnancies. Yes, I am still bitter. Pass the pancakes.

I WILL invite my mom to join us in the delivery room again ~ I loved having her share in those moments – However, this time, I plan to ask her to silence her cell phone. ha!

I will NOT ask for a popsicle after my contractions start. What was I thinking?! What were the nurses thinking?! I’ll spare you the details.

I WILL stick to our limited visitors policy. We only allowed our parents to visit in the room and at home following our delivery, and it was such a special time for our family. With all of them being long-distance grandparents, it was a great bonding experience!

(after the baby comes)

I will NOT feel bad about using the hospital nursery. In fact, I plan to ask if they accept 2 year-olds and snoring husbands – and if we can stay for a couple of weeks. Post Update: Our hospital now handles this differently…and my feelings on it have changed a bit…but that’s okay. Moral of the story: Things change – people change – it’s good to learn to adjust. 

I WILL order even more pancakes and blueberry muffins from the hospital cafeteria. I have earned them and I have more than paid for them. Come to think of it, I will remove the plumbing fixtures from the birthing room’s bathroom. I feel I have more than paid for those as well. Note to self: Bring an extra [empty] suitcase. You realize I’m teasing about the plumbing fixtures, right? Just checking.

I will NOT allow myself to be strangled in the night by the wrong, wrong, wrong nursing bra. I will budget now to spend $1,789.24 [if necessary] to have only the most comfortable of nursing bras from the start.

I WILL panic [upon our arrival home] because I will realize that this second child is nothing like the first. Please send cards and ready-made meals. Thank You.

I will NOT be so eager to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. Maternity jeans are far more comfortable.

I WILL have more freezer meals prepared for our return home. Last time around, I had about six meals ready to go. This time around, I will have six years’ worth prepared. We are currently shopping for a deep freeze…maybe we need to buy two. Post Update: We now have an Instant Pot.

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  1. Haha. Your post has me dying over here. I’m pregnant with my second baby too and loved your ideas.
    I too will have 6 years worth of meals in the freezer (because cooking after baby #1 kind of didn’t happen) and then ordering more food at the hospital. I worried about what nurses would think if I asked for more food after delivery, as if it mattered!
    Yes to all of these. Thanks for sharing! <3

    1. says:

      hahaha! I am the same way! I acted like I hadn’t eaten in weeks!

  2. The nursery one cracked me up! Do they accept 2 year olds and snoring husbands as well? Too funny!!

    1. says:

      haha!! I’m glad you didn’t mind me admitting that one out loud! lol! 🙂

  3. LOVE this!!!!! and especially the part about weight gain during pregnancy. like really?! one midwife told me “if you gain too much you’ll end up with a c-section” I was like WHUUUUUTTTTT??? yeah i only gained 35 lbs….i was not overweight to begin with and went to 42 weeks…. second baby and i’m eating whatever i want, LOL, just like the 1st time!

    love your blog 🙂

    1. says:

      haha! I hear ya! So glad we’ve connected, Brooke! Let’s stay in touch! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for being you and sharing your story. You’ve encouraged me beyond measure today. I know this post is old and you’re past your second (third, and fourth!) pregnancy now. But I’m pregnant with my second now and feeling quite…no, very stressed about it all. “I’m gaining too much weight. I’m too big too soon. I can’t eat that many carbs, but oh how I crave carbs!” (Im a type 1 diabetic, so do have to be careful, and that has me stressed to the max too!)
    Reading another post I saw that your delivery required forceps and the vacuum?! I had a dramatic/traumatic first delivery too. Baby was rushed to NICU w/o me even touching her :(. She was 10lb 4oz, like your second! And I live in Japan, where th epidural is not yet offered at large, so I will do this next one all natural again. Seriously NOT looking forward to it at all. The whole idea of labor and delivery has my stomach in knots and my head full of fears. But yesterday at church I was reminded to cast out the fear and claim the courage of Jesus. I will start doing that daily. Reading your posts had helped me step back and remember to relax and add some humor to it all. I know God has me in His hands, and He’s going to direct my labor and delivery, and although there may be a dramatic story to tell, it’s all going to work out.
    So thank you for sharing. You’ve lifted my spirits today, and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. (I’m considering homeschooling too, so I’ve got that learning to do!)

  5. Oh yeah, I WILL also prepare tons of freezer meals, I WILL eat as much as I want in the days following delivery, and I WILL NOT read those books or articles either. ?

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