Four-Year Old Homeschool Preschool

It would be fun to have just a few minutes each day dedicated to these learning activities.

Definitely something that can be practiced while simply playing and reading books aloud with your little one.

Simply choose the areas where you would like to focus with your little one, and then gather resources that will assist you in meeting those goals.

What Do I Want My Four-Year Old to Learn? For the four-year old year, I like to focus on the following areas:

Recognizing/Tracing/Writing Letters

Recognizing Sight Words & Reading CVC Words

Recognizing and Applying Vowel/Consonant Sounds

What Resources Do I Use?


During breakfast each morning, we read a story from one of these, and it serves as the perfect way to kick off our morning.

Our Favorite Scripture Memory Practice Ideas:

Read Aloud – For most kids, this alone will be enough for them to quickly memorize the passage you have chosen for them.

Perform – Our kids love acting things out, putting on puppet shows, making videos of themselves on their tablet.

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