Plan Homeschool Preschool Units (without spending any money!)

During those preschool years, it can be so fun to plan homeschool units that you know your preschooler will enjoy.

For me, I need unit planning to be simple and inexpensive!


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In this post, I’m going to show you the easiest way to put together themed unit studies for your younger children, and you’re going to be able to do it without spending any money.

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Choosing Homeschool Preschool Units

Some of the unit themes we’ve enjoyed over the years include:

  • Community Leaders
  • United States of America
  • Weather
  • Plants
  • Ocean
  • Farm
  • Animals

Want more ideas?

Simply Google a variety of different preschool programs or curriculum resources and see what’s included in their Table of Contents.

I typically choose one theme each month from May through August.

It serves as a great way to keep my little ones engaged throughout the summer months (adding a little structure to our day-to-day), but I’ll admit to you…

I keep things pretty relaxed! 

There is no set agenda or schedule.

We are not using any specific preschool curriculum, and there are not really any goals or objectives other than I want my kids to have as many opportunities as possible to grow in their love of learning.

This is something that can be done any time of year – using resources you already have in your home!

So what exactly do I do?

Well, in this post, I want to give you an example of what this looks like for us.

My hope is that it will provide you with a little inspiration of your own!

Let’s get started!

The unit I’m going to share today is our farm unit!

Oh yeah, did I mention that this whole unit planning/prep thing can be done without you having to spend any money?

Yep, that’s right!

After choosing the theme for the month, (and it can be whatever you want it to be. Remember, there are no rules!), I go through my house with a fine tooth comb – looking for anything and everything that will fit my theme.

Let’s start with the books!

I usually grab a large basket (or a plastic bin), and the first thing I do is look through my kids’ books!

Stack of Farm-Themed Books for Preschool Age Kids

We keep books in our family room, in the playroom, and in our homeschooling area.

I check all three of these location for books that will fit my theme, and I put them in my basket!

A Farm-Themed Puzzle and Book for Preschool

I also like to check the local library for books my kids have never seen or audio books they can listen to during rest time, before bed, or in the car = FREE resources! Yay!

Stack of Farm-Themed Books for Kids

Psst…these Mercy Watson books make for awesome read-alouds to little ones – something we like to do together before bedtime!

Mercy Watson Series Laying on a White Wooden Table Top

Now let’s choose some fun activities!

Next, I raid the playroom, including the puzzle racks and the game closet!

Farm-Themed Puzzles for Kids

Here are some of our farm-themed favorites!

Farm-Themed Puzzles for Preschoolers
Farm-Themed Puzzles and Books for Homeschool Preschool

Next, I check my Homeschool Closet where I store items by subject/theme – and I typically have a few additional items that I can add to my basket!

Front Covers of Farm-Themed Animal Books for Children

Do you use Pinterest?

After gathering these items, sometimes I check Pinterest!

I don’t always take this extra step, but if I’m needing a little extra inspiration, I might something fun and simple from there to do!

Even better if they’re free! This FREE 25-Page Farm Printables Packet from Gift of Curiosity has been one of our favorites! My kids have especially loved all the practice with patterns!

Are there any fun projects and/or interesting experiments that I could do with my kids? I always check my boards for things I have pinned that will fit my theme!P

Homeschool Preschool on Pinterest Connect Here

Online Experiences can be really interesting!

In addition, are there any on-line experiences I can give my kiddos?

For example, during the farm unit, we watch a virtual tour of a dairy farm…yes, on YouTube. While I realize mamas must monitor YouTube closely, definitely check it out.

It can be an incredible resource!

Oh, and while you’re at it, check your app store for any apps that might fit your theme.

Take one more look around your house!

With one last look around the house, I typically run across a few more toys and activities that I can use with my theme.

Farm-themed puppets (to use while reading books aloud to my kids – They LOVE this!), lacing cards, soft books for the littlest hands in the house.

You get the idea!

For this particular theme, I even raided our basket of toy animals. These Schleich animals are great idea for Easter baskets, Christmas stockings, etc. Over the years, we’ve built a fun collection of them that we’ve used for various learning activities.

“Alright, ladies and gentlemen, farm animals on one side and zoo animals on the other!”

See? The perfect sorting activity!

Preschool Unit Farm Animals Sorting Activity by This Little Home of Mine

So check out what I’ve done, I’ve gathered items from literally all around my house – taking things we already own – putting together a fantastic basket full of activities to use for our month’s theme!

Farm Unit Books, Puzzles, and Activities by This Little Home of Mine

I keep my themed basket close at hand – usually in the kitchen, and each morning, we read a couple of the books and then hang out together – doing one or two of the hands-on activities!

Don’t forget about the family field trips!

In addition to this, I love to plan “Field Trips” that fit our theme.

During the month we’re focused on the farm, we try to visit a nearby farm.

We may tour a barn, pick our own food, feed farm animals, and my kids love every second!

People Gathered and Enjoying Food Near a Wooden Shed on a Blueberry Farm

We typically plan these types of outings for the weekend – when daddy can be involved.

Learning together as a family is something we all enjoy!

Three Year Old Homeschool Preschool

Not sure where to start?

Search on-line for related field trip opportunities!

Google will be your best resource for discovering educational experiences in the area where you live.

Kids Picking Blueberries

Next, ask around to see if your expert friends have any suggestions.

  • Talk to other moms.
  • Ask another teacher friend of yours.
  • Post a question on social media.

Most people love sharing their great experiences with others who may also be interested!

Four Year Old Homeschool Preschool

So take a deep breath…don’t think too hard…definitely don’t put ANY pressure on yourself to go over the top.

Simply brainstorm a few themes you would like to “study” with your little ones, and then start gathering a few resources to make it happen!

You don’t have to gather every farm book ever written.

Please don’t attempt to do every Pinterest craft you’ve ever pinned.

You don’t have to take advantage of every resource that hits your inbox.

Just choose a few things that you know your kids will love and have fun! 

Reader Question:

Where Do You Find Your Supplemental Resources?

Most of my educational supplies/toys have come from yard sales, thrift stores, and consignment sales. You can even find fun activities at the dollar store/in the dollar spot.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to provide great experiences for your children.

Everyone’s resources are going to look different! Start with what you have and then build from there.

Utilize Google, Pinterest, and YouTube to search for amazing FREE resources, and I promise you will be able to provide awesome learning opportunities for your littles without having to spend a dime.

Want to bring an extra level of organization to your preschool planning process?

I have created a Pre-school Unit Prep Checklist that I think you are going to love!

It was designed with homeschooling families in mind, and it is the perfect tool for brainstorming/organizing a simple, but engaging, unit!

Homeschool Preschool Unit Planning Prep Pack by This Little Home of Mine

It includes three sections:

  • Books
  • Hands-On Activities
  • Field Trips

with a checklist for each category and spacious note-making areas!

It even has a place for you to make notes about any thoughts, ideas, resources that you may want to consider for future units that you have in the back of your mind!

Want access to this printable that you can use to brainstorm fun activities for your little ones?

Homeschool Preschool Unit Planning Prep Pack by This Little Home of Mine
Click Here for More Details

Interested in more information about homeschooling your preschooler? I offer the following posts:

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  1. Love this! Such fun ideas! I know I would be tempted to not plan anything during Summer months, but this sounds fun and engaging and would keep the littles from getting bored and keep up the learning. Thanks for sharing at Mama Shares Monday!

  2. My kids love Melissa & Doug puzzles. They are so fun. Thanks for sharing with us at Family Joy Blog Link Up Party.

    1. thislittlehomeofmineblog@gmail.com says:

      They make the best stuff for sure!! I love putting a few of their things under the tree at Christmas time! 😉

  3. Great ideas! I especially love using our own books and going to the library too. We can go online and reserve books ahead of time so all I have to do is pick them up and check them out. (Now, if only I could do this at the grocery!) Thanks for the great ideas – I pinned! I’m looking forward to all of the resources in your newsletter! -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones

    1. thislittlehomeofmineblog@gmail.com says:

      Your post encouraged me to do more of that, and it has been a huge help this summer! THANK YOU for the reminder!

  4. This is just what I was looking for- my daughter is four, and I have decided I am definitely not sending her to preschool. I was sure there was a way to homeschool preschool for free! I am glad I came across this post to reassure myself. We do all kinds of learning activities already, and the ideas you suggest are very helpful! Thanks for linking up at the family joy linky party!

    1. thislittlehomeofmineblog@gmail.com says:

      I love that you enjoy doing fun things with your daughter! I really love learning with my little ones, and I’m excited that we’ve connected and can share ideas with each other!

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