Half Cupcakes for Half Birthdays

Around here, those first half-birthdays don’t usually involve gifts, but they do include Half-Cupcakes! When my oldest was six months old, I got wild and crazy in the kitchen and tried this.

Yellow Cupcakes and chocolate chips for my “icing”. Yes, you heard me correctly – nothing but chocolate chips atop these cupcakes, and it is heaven!

Let me tell you how I do it! It’s fast and easy! While my baked cupcakes are cooling a bit, I toss a cup of chocolate chips (any size will do) into my double boiler and let them melt completely.

As the chocolate chips melt, I grab my [slightly cooled] cupcakes and start cutting them in half.

Yes, I leave the paper on, and if my knife gets a little out of control (Now that I think about it, that sounds a little scary.), I just use scissors to trim the paper up nicely.

Then as soon as the cupcakes are sliced in two, I spread the melted chocolate chips on top of each half cupcake.

Next, I throw them in the fridge and let them get nice and cold! This helps to perfectly harden the chocolate, and I just have a thing for cold cupcakes.