Half Cupcakes for Half Birthdays

Half Cupcakes on Half Birthdays

Half Cupcakes for Half Birthdays

Around here, those first half-birthdays don’t usually involve gifts, but they do include Half-Cupcakes!


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When my oldest was six months old, I got wild and crazy in the kitchen and tried this:

Yellow Cupcakes (Duncan Hines is usually my go-to mix.) annnnnnd…..(Here’s where the wild and crazy part comes in to play.) chocolate chips for my “icing”. Yes, you heard me correctly – nothing but chocolate chips atop these cupcakes, and it is heaven!

Half Cupcakes on Half Birthdays

We love this combo so much that we made them again when my second kiddo turned 6 months old…and then for the others who have come along since.

Let me tell you how I do it! It’s fast and easy – I promise!

Half Cupcakes for Half Birthday Step by Step Guide by This Little Home of Mine

While my baked cupcakes are cooling a bit, I toss a cup of chocolate chips (any size will do) in to my double boiler and let them melt completely.

Half Cupcakes on Half Birthdays Chocolate Chip Icing by This Little Home of Mine

As the chocolate chips melt, I grab my [slightly cooled] cupcakes and start cutting them in half. Yes, I leave the paper on, and if my knife gets a little out of control (Now that I think about it, that sounds a little scary.), I just use scissors to trim the paper up nicely.

Half Cupcakes on Half Birthdays

Then as soon as the cupcakes are sliced in two, I spread the melted chocolate chips on top of each half cupcake.

Half Cupcakes on Half Birthdays

Next, I throw them in the fridge and let them get nice and cold! This helps to perfectly harden the chocolate, and I just have a thing for cold cupcakes. (Maybe I’m weird.)

This time around, I displayed the cupcakes on a pretty cake stand…added some sprinkles…and served them with some fresh strawberries…all just a few extra frilly touches for my girl!

Half Cupcakes on Half Birthdays

Disclaimer #: We typically just do this at the 6-month old mark – not for every single half birthday that comes along, but that would be delicious. 

Disclaimer #2: The 6-month old does not partake in the eating of the cupcakes…they’re actually for the rest of the family.

Half Cupcakes on Half Birthdays

If you liked this recipe, I know you are also going to love my Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips:

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