How to Make Homemade Crayons

It was time to clean out our container of crayons. All of the little broken pieces were driving me crazy, and my kids were tired of their crayons not being very sharp.

So we sifted through and picked out all of the duds – collecting them in a Ziploc® bag – and replacing them with a fresh batch of our favorite Crayolas!

It didn’t feel right to just toss all of the broken crayons in the trash. I felt like we should use them in some way – but I didn’t want to get in to sharpening all of them.

I gathered together: a couple of different silicone molds I had found at a yard sale a baking sheet a can of Coconut Oil Spray and, of course, our crayons

Next, we started peeling… It took some time, but working as team seemed to be the best approach.

Next, we sprayed the silicone trays with the coconut oil spray.

Then, we began breaking the larger pieces of crayon into sizes that would fit into our molds.

We began filling up the spaces in our molds…