How to Get Started with Homeschooling

At a time when families everywhere are considering what other educational options might be available for their children, many are wondering how to get started with homeschooling.

In this story, I’m going to provide some very basic information for how your family can make the transition happen.

1. Where do you live?

Each state is different, so make sure you look into the necessary requirements specific to where you live.

2. What does your family’s schedule look like?

You’re getting started with homeschooling – which means you can allow your mindset to shift as it embraces this new overall lifestyle.

It’s amazing when you think through your family’s unique situation how you can discover creative options that will work. I promise you this is possible for your family!

Once you think you’ve got a pretty good idea of what works for them, THEN you can choose resources for their school lessons.

3. How does your child learn?

4. Not sure about curriculum? Here’s what I’d suggest!

If you are transitioning your kids out of a school setting, I would suggest finding something for Math and Language.

As you find yourself settling into a good routine, you’re going to figure out what’s working well for your family and what needs adjusted before you go any further.


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