How to Simplify Your Wardrobe

I make an effort to purge my clothes closet, and there is one question that I have found helpful to ask myself when trying to decide whether or not I should keep specific items from my wardrobe.

If you’re interested in How to Simplify Your Wardrobe, the answer to this one simple question has made all the difference in my being able to do a successful purge.

Simplify Your Wardrobe in Three Easy Steps

This allows me to take a close look at each item.

Step 1: Remove everything from my closet (or dresser)!

Step 2: Think carefully about each item that I return to the closet/dresser

I purge items that are stained/worn. I purge items that no longer fit.

Step 3: Make smart decisions about what to do with items I have purged!

What do I do?

Return any/all recently purchased/gifted items that still have the tags – Yes, even if I don’t have a receipt.

Sell higher end name brand items on consignment or on eBay (or another great on-line marketplace – new options seem to be popping up all the time)!

Donate items! I love being able to help my favorite charities while also being able to take a tax deduction – It’s a win/win for everyone!