Little Red Window Shutter for Storing Books

I had been on the lookout for an old window shutter. I wanted to use it for storing children’s books of all things! I wasn’t too sure what size I wanted…and I assumed that whatever I found was going to need a little t.l.c. – a fresh coat of paint, some hanging hardware, etc. So when I stumbled upon the perfect little red shutter, I immediately fell in love. I found it while browsing a yard sale, and I knew right away that it was going to be perfect for storing children’s books in our playroom. 

The gal I purchased it from had already painted it the exact red that coordinated with our playroom space, and she had even already added the hanging hardware I needed. It almost seemed too good to be true – especially with a $4 price tag. I had wondered if she’d used it for the same purpose I had in mind, but when I asked her about it, she told me she had used it in her kitchen as way to display photos [using clothespins]. Another great idea!


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This little red gem hangs at the perfect height for my kids – making it easy for them to slide books in and out of the shutter. I have loved changing the books out for various themes, seasons, etc. but honestly, my boys have been happiest when they’ve gotten to choose which books are going to reside in the window shutter.

Red Window Shutter for Storing Books by This Little Home of Mine

If I had done this project myself, I probably would’ve hung the hardware in a different spot and turned the window shutter around – so the bindings of each book would show. I can always change that at some point, though.

Red Window Shutter for Storing Books by This Little Home of Mine

My kids have a basket of books in their room, and we keep a basket of books in our family room, but this has been a fun way to add some fun reads to their playroom space as well.

Red Window Shutter for Storing Children's Books by This Little Home of Mine

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