Ice Cream Scoop Spelling Activity

This Ice Cream Scoop Spelling Activity is as sweet as can be! My former students enjoyed this activity setup as a learning center, and now my own kids enjoy doing it in our homeschooling environment.

What do you need to make this spelling activity happen?

– Letter Tiles – Ice Cream Cups / Bowls – An Ice Cream Scoop

How does the activity work?

The student simply uses the ice cream scoop to scoop out a batch of letters. They then look at those letters to see if they can make any words!

For older students, maybe you could set up consonants in one ice cream cup or bowl and vowels in another – then have them scoop a batch of letters from each container.

If the student is working independently on this spelling activity, you might want to provide them with a sheet of paper or a notebook to use to record the words they discovered.

Want to add a little extra ice cream fun to this experience?

The first time we did this activity at home, we read Duke the Dairy Delight Dog, but any ice cream-themed book would do!

You could also play a fun ice cream-themed game. Scoops of Fun is a favorite in our house! One time at a birthday party, we played this Ice Cream Scoop Stacking Tower Balancing Game, and it was fun!

We hope you’re feeling inspired with ideas for the learners you love, and we hope they have so much fun with this Ice Cream Scoop Spelling Activity!


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