Healthy Kid-Friendly Fruit Smoothies

Each of our favorite smoothie recipes have a super simple ingredients list that can be adjusted to suit your family’s unique likes and dislikes.

These easy smoothie recipes involve super simple combos of healthy ingredients—no added sugar!

- Orange Juice - Plain Yogurt - Dole’s Frozen Mixed Fruit

Smoothie Recipe #1:

This smoothie recipe was the first homemade smoothie recipe we tried, and it was immediately a big hit. When my kids saw the creamy texture, they started cheering, “It looks like ice cream!”.

While we still love the recipe I just shared, this second creamy smoothie recipe grew from continuing to experiment, and it is also delicious.

- Pineapple Juice - Greek Yogurt - Almond Milk - Bananas - Berries - Baby Spinach Leaves

Smoothie Recipe #2:

You may find your family prefers using a spoon instead of a smoothie straw. That works, too! These smoothies truly do feel a whole lot like eating fruity ice cream, so either will do.

You may have more complicated smoothie recipes you enjoy, but these simple ingredients lists have worked well for us.


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