Leftover Candy-Topped Brownies

These Leftover Candy-Topped Brownies were inspired by Whitney from Polka Dotty Place on Instagram. I saw her making a batch with her kids, and I knew we had to try them, too!

Loads of candy leftover? We used to be able to use some of it for our Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes, but since candy is no longer allowed in the boxes, we’ve had to think of some other ideas.

We whipped up some boxed brownies (The ones from Sam’s Club are our favs!), popped them in the oven for half of the recommended baking time.

Leftover Candy-Topped Brownies

While they were getting started in the oven, we tossed all kinds of different treats into a plastic bag and then beat them up with a rolling pin: candy bars, pretzels, etc.

When the oven timer went off, we pulled out the half-baked brownies and topped them all of our crushed up pieces of candy.

Sprinkling on a colorful handful of whole M & M’s – then put the brownies back in the oven to finish baking.

When the timer went off the second time, we pulled the brownies out of the oven, let them cool, and then dove in head-first.

We have company on their way to town who will help us eat these. This is probably for the best, because these bad boys are dangerously good!


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