As I got older, I began playing piano for funeral services. My brother and I were involved in preparing/delivering/setting up food for families who had lost loved ones.

We learned a lot about life and death

As I’ve had conversations with other parents, I am amazed at the number of families who shelter their children from the reality of death.

1. My child is very sensitive…it would just be too much for them.” 2. “They’re too young…they may have nightmares.”

I have heard parents offer a number of explanations:

How can we teach our children to live with an eternal perspective when we shelter them from the reality of death?

No one is ever truly prepared to face great loss, It is so important to consider practical ways we can train our children for life.

We can encourage our children in their responsibility to help bear the burdens of other people.

Children can learn so much by being included in memorial services:

We have this hope as anchor!

Encourage them to ask questions. Make sure they understand that you don’t have all the answers. Create a safe place for very real discussion.