Organized Medical Binders for Your Kids

I have loved having a home for these kinds of papers – a place to put paperwork I need to hold on to and the peace of mind of knowing I’m never going to have go searching for things!

Our local medical offices have moved to all-things digital, but I still have lots of papers to contend with following each visit. Maybe Organized Medical Binders would be a good idea for our family!

Make Your Own Organized Medical Binders

Grab a 2-inch binder – one for each child.

Step 1

Step 2

Print your child’s name on cardstock. I use solid white, but you may prefer to use a fun color!

After printing, I laminate my name labels – just to add a little extra durability.

Step 3

Insert each child’s name label in to the front of their medical binder. You may want to reduce the size of the label – creating one that will slide down in the binding of the notebook.

Step 4

File paperwork! I have hole-punched most all of our items and put them in the binders.

Step 5