Organized Medical Binders for Your Kids

After returning home from the hospital when our first baby was born, I found myself sitting with a stack of papers that needed a home. Some of the paperwork was able to be tossed in the trash with no problem, but there were other things I wanted to keep. So in an effort to keep my sanity, I hole-punched them and tossed them in a binder. Over time, that binder continued to be the spot where I kept all things related to baby – shot records, printouts from our doctor’s visits, reference information I wanted to keep at my fingertips, etc. As our family has grown, I’ve continued this approach: Organized Medical Binders – one for each child. I have loved having a home for these kinds of papers – a place to put paperwork I need to hold on to and the peace of mind of knowing I’m never going to have go searching for things!

Our local medical offices have moved to all-things digital, but for some reason, I still have lots of papers to contend with following each visit. You, too? If so, maybe Organized Medical Binders would be a good idea for your family!


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Organized Medical Binders for Your Kids

Want to try this idea, too?

Make Your Own Organized Medical Binders

Step #1: Grab a 2-inch binder – one for each child.

Click Here to take a closer look at the ones I use. 

Step #2: Print your child’s name on cardstock. I use solid white, but you may prefer to use a fun color!

Click Here to access an editable .docx file where you can make yours look like mine.

Organized Medical Binders for Your Kids by This Little Home of Mine

Step #3: After printing, I laminate my name labels – just to add a little extra durability.

Scotch Thermal Laminator Available Here

Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches Available Here

Step #4: Insert each child’s name label in to the front of their medical binder. You may want to reduce the size of the label – creating one that will slide down in the binding of the notebook – but I have liked having mine down in the front pocket. (Want name labels in both places? Hey, that works, too!)

Organized Medical Binders for Your Kids

Step #5: File paperwork! I have hole-punched most all of our items and put them in the binders. Our medical binders include shot records, printouts from our doctor’s visits, notes from therapy appointments, and various reference materials.

Note: You may have some items you would rather place in sheet protectors than hole punch. It all depends on what you’re planning to include in your child’s medical binder. For example, I wouldn’t suggest hole-punching birth certificates, passports, or other more important documents. In our house, we have preferred to file such things away in a fire-proof safe.

Step #6: Keep the binder working for you! As soon as any important paperwork hits my hands, I put it in the binder! I have disciplined myself to do this instead of tossing everything on my kitchen counter. ha! Anyone else struggle to keep those counter tops clear? In our house, they definitely tend to be a catch-all space.

Organized Medical Binders for Your Kids by This Little Home of Mine

Ready to get started?

Begin by grabbing the number of binders you need and then printing your name labels.

Organized Medical Binders for Your Kids by This Little Home of Mine

I use these same name labels on plastic totes that I use as Memory Boxes for my kids! Our Memory Boxes include mementos, extra-special art work, excellent school papers, etc.

Organized Medical Binders and Memory Boxes may not be your thing, but for me, this kind of organization helps to keep our clutter to a minimum, and I am all for any system that makes that happen in our house!

Ideas for storing medicine: available here!

How to Organize and Safely Store Your Medicine by This Little Home of Mine

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