Paper Plate Handprint Pumpkin

As a mom, my heart melts in a puddle when I see my little ones’ handprints. Yes, even if they’re on my freshly cleaned windows. Not that my windows are freshly clean very often, but you know what I mean.

Kids grow so quickly, and I love capturing as much of the little stage as I possibly can, and this Paper Plate Handprint Pumpkin craft gave me the chance to do just that!


Paper Plate Orange Tissue Paper Brown Construction Paper Green Construction Paper Pencil Child-Safe Scissors

Step-by-step Instructions:

Step #1: Flip the paper plate over with the bottom-side facing up toward your little one.

Step #2: Have them cut and paste small squares of tissue paper all over the bottom of the paper plate.

Step #3: Assist them in tracing their hand with a pencil and cutting it out using their scissors.

Step #4: Help them glue the stem and the leaf (their hand print) on the top of the pumpkin, and ta-da!