Paper Plate Handprint Pumpkin

As a mom, my heart melts in a puddle when I see my little ones’ hand prints…yes, even if they’re on my freshly cleaned windows…not that my windows are freshly clean very often, but you know what I mean.

Kids grow so quickly, and I love capturing as much of the little stage as I possibly can, and this Paper Plate Handprint Pumpkin craft gave me the chance to do just that!


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Handprint Pumpkin Craft by This Little Home of Mine

What do you need for this craft? 

  • One Paper Plate
  • A Handful of Orange Tissue Paper
  • One Piece of Brown Construction Paper
  • One Piece of Green Construction Paper
  • Pencil
  • Child-Safe Scissors
  • Glue Stick

I like to keep my art supplies organized in the small plastic bins that Ikea sells, and one of our art bins is full of colored tissue paper. We love using tissue paper for art activities, so when I needed orange tissue paper for this craft, I simply grabbed this bin, and we were ready to go!

Tissue Paper Art Bin by This Little Home of Mine

How to Make the Paper Plate Handprint Pumpkin:

  • Flip the paper plate over with the bottom-side facing up toward your little one.
  • Have them cut and paste small squares of tissue paper all over the bottom of the paper plate.
  • Assist them in tracing their hand with a pencil and cutting it out using their scissors. (Also cut out a brown stem for the “pumpkin”.)
  • Help them glue the stem and the leaf (their hand print) on the top of the pumpkin, and ta-da!

You’re finished!

My kids love to cut and paste, so this was a perfect craft for them! I had originally planned to send these to the grandparents, but once these cute little pumpkins were finished, I just couldn’t let them go!

They’re completely adorable, and I know I will enjoy looking at them every fall!

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