Real-Life Minimalism

My big moment hit while watching news footage of Hurricane Harvey. I don’t know what it was about it, but as I watched families sift through their damaged belongings, I was overwhelmed as I started to wonder.

If my home was damaged in that way, which items would I actually miss and which items really hadn’t mattered much to me after all?

This is when it began. A journey to minimize our stuff. Find a lifestyle of real-life family minimalism that would free us up to enjoy more quality family time together.

I emptied the cabinets – all of them – and only put back the items we use. The other items were passed on to someone I knew would enjoy them or sold.

My kitchen

The two bottom shelves hold our everyday dishes, and the top shelves hold a handful of specialty/holiday pieces that I use either for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or when we host guests.

Here you’ll see my holiday bins it holds small kitchen-related holiday items such as cupcake liners, cookie cutters, treat bags, napkins, etc. for holidays and celebrations that are special to us.

I have always made an effort to keep my kiddos’ toys to a minimum. I have always rotated the toys. All of that was going on around here, but it still wasn’t enough.

Simplifying the Toys

• gave some away • returned several to the grandparents’ house  • sold lots of others

What did we do with the toys?